This hasty post is mostly prattled off on my phone, quick before I get busy again. Or change my mind. Or forget what I wanted to write.

I’ve been struggling to find the words for those little moments that do shine and spark.

So buckle up! Here we go.


Today between the sniffles of yet another cold, I pushed myself out the door to run. It wasn’t a great run.

I didn’t die (#deathfreerunning).

That low late slant of November light is something, isn’t it? And I saw a bald eagle.

bald eagle perched in bare tree branches

Oh, hello!bald eagle in trees against bright blue sky

These words aren’t great.  These photos aren’t great.  My run wasn’t great, either.

One could argue that these times aren’t great in general.

So maybe some days feeling/doing not great is just fine.

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