Life, Less Edited

Morning: Mine, All Mine   Upon realizing I would have a morning free, the possibilities were endless. Nap. Go for a run. Clean the cabin chaos. Write.   (Why not update your dang website? you might wonder, not without good reason.)   Staining the back deck, however, was not among my first (or any) thoughts…


Signs of Life

I’m still here! It turns out I forgot how all-encompassing starting a new job and being a new person can be! But I’m happy to be editing for Benchmark Education/Reycraft Books! I promised to document maple mayhem, and so I shall. Soon. In the meantime, enjoy this magnolia blossom. It shows signs of being on…

branch of bittersweet encased in ice

Breaking the Ice

Hey there, readers! Let’s get this party started! I’ve been hemming and hawing and really putting my all into procrastinating. And now it’s time to get this par-tay started. By which I mean…start this blog. Finally. Ice, Ice, Baby* It’s been a decently snowy winter, says this unabashed lover of snow! I’ve trekked out on…