Care for coffee?

Sheep in a summer field beneath a rainbow

You’ve arrived! Come on in and poke around the Little Cabin in the Hollow. Clove Hollow, that is. A little backyard farm just a couple miles (as the raven flies) from the mighty Hudson River.

You’ll meet our little flocks of chickens and sheep (collectively known as The Lovely Ladies of Lanolin), probably the cats (if they can be bothered), and us. We are the Little Man, the Beardyman, ZGirl (when we’re lucky), and me.

I hope you’ll stick around a bit and come by to visit often. Get ready for photos, writing, and a general chronicling of our general daily shenanigans. Be sure to stop by in March or April for sugaring season.

You’re always more than welcome.

I’ll have the coffee (or tea) ready to brew.